Imagine a School...

…that truly addresses the needs of the whole child.

…where children's spiritual development is as important as their cognitive growth.

…where all decisions are made based on God's Word and on what is good for children.

…where teachers model Jesus to the children and teach them to love one another through the power of the Holy Spirit.

…where best practices and cutting-edge curriculum set the standard for excellence so that our graduates are equipped as ambassadors for Christ.

…where a partnership between parents, students and staff is highly valued.

We have committed our school to God for His glory and the good of our children. Will you join us?

Re-imagining education, a student-centered learning environment.

Why Christian Education?

Parents are presented with more educational options for their children than ever before. Public education offers a wide variety of classroom programs and school environments. However, what the public system cannot offer is an atmosphere that continually presents God’s Word as the final authority to help a child understand their value and place in the world. Teachers who openly share the truth of God’s Word, model the love of Jesus, and pray for heart transformation through the power of God’s Spirit have a daily influence throughout the many hours a child spends in school each week. This environment helps support parents to encourage their child to develop a personal faith and faithfulness…to become a transforming influence in the world, rather than to be transformed by it.